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How is everyone? This is my small attempt to speak my mind about the article or content.


Content does not mean some word format. The writer may have some professional content words, but these are assets for the client. The child has to be made worthy by being nurtured with such care and affection. So is content. In my opinion, an article or content is a fancy work of art. The artist draws a picture with a paintbrush mixed with the sweetness of the mind. Content has to be sorted that way and comes with some specialized techniques.


Good content is the heart of any website, which plays a role in the 40% ranking of your site. This means that with good content, you are 40% ahead in the rankings. And for affiliate marketing, content is the key, and there is no substitute for it. Content or articles can be informative, infographic, pillar, money, or review type. But whatever it is, it has to be quality content or articles. So the question is, what is good or quality content?


1. Content must be your keyword’s exact content service. I wrote it with great difficulty, didn’t I? So, no, I will explain it more simply.


2. The topic given in the content needs to be justified. For example, as you are writing about pets, another issue came up in between, that cannot happen.


3. The content context must be relevant, and the writing sequence must be accurate and consistent when you write about pets once the subject of pet color comes up. You started writing about color to increase the number of words, what color is, where to find it, and so on. It may seem like it is. But inside, Google has been around for a long time.


4. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The search console must be kept right.


5. Content needs to be informative enough so that Google understands that no matter who you are, you are an expert on the subject, and it can be reflected in your writing.


6. You have to follow the Google trend. This means that you have to write in the structure that Google likes.


7. Google constantly changes its algorithm, so it has to write content to adapt to the algorithm. For example, when it comes to products, Google also likes the negativity of the product. That means he wants information.


8. SEO and write in a friendly way. Starting with H2, the H5,6 tags need to be neatly arranged. H1 now takes websites by default.


9. Intro, description (what, why, how, where,  again what), ideas, advantages, disadvantages, suggestions, solutions, and finishing should be written in this way.


10. Write articles or content in more paragraphs and shorter sentences. Each paragraph should contain new information. It is better not to put more than 150 words in any paragraph, and no sentence can be forgotten more than 20 words.


11. Always make sure that the reader is attracted to your writing and keeps him focused; whoever needs to come to read the e-article and make arrangements to read and benefit from the whole article by scrolling.


12. The article should have a good and optimized image (although it is not the writer’s responsibility).


13. The article cannot contain grammatical errors. And in the case of plagiarism, I would say that if you do your research and write, no one’s father will be able to copy the copy. I have written like me. What plagiarism? Google also likes some plugins, such as the things searched a lot or the name of a product, the details. However, in any case, you have to write with an emphasis on the unique, and you have to write neatly.


14. The biggest thing is to write the article in simple language. Which even ordinary people can read and understand. You are very proficient in English, you write very well, but no one read and understood what you wrote, the article has no value. We also read the grammar of the class very well. But at the end of the day, we like to read Humayun Ahmed’s books or novels.


I highlighted as much as I could with my little knowledge. I want to write more details in front of me which have been omitted today. I am amazed to see the writings of many, how they write so well. I express my humble respect and love to those writers. Everyone will be fine, and good writing will encourage us more so that we benefit more.


I also write content for about three years and more. I write everything in informative, infographic, pillar, money, or review type and regularly serviced. Lately, I have started writing a thesis with courage. Knock me out if anyone likes the content. Maybe I may not write very well, but I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 






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  • Content Writer

    Transcom Digitavision, USA

    January 2021 - Now

    Assigned the tasks of writing product descriptions and brand support materials of the organization.

    Responsible for conducting research and writing content on regular basis.

    Handled the task of editing and proofreading content before uploading it on web pages.

    Wrote quality content on cities, airlines, and tourist spots.

    Responsible for writing blogs on health products and leather shops and pets.

    Wrote reviews for films and electronic products as book, home decoration, gardening tools, home gadgets, lights, and image editing software.

  • Content Writer

    Software Solutions Inc

    February 2019 - December 2020

    Assigned the tasks of writing original Content for different sites like Wedding cakes, Alternative treatments, and gift ideas.

    Responsible for developing Content for Internet media communications.

    Handled the task of writing unique titles and descriptions for various web pages.

    Handled the responsibilities of reviewing and editing articles to ensure the quality of the articles.

    Responsible for developing content for brochures and web sales.

    Developed high-quality content for e0learning courses.

    Assigned the task of writing quality for blog and press releases.

    Wrote nine articles on daily basis.


  • M. Com

    M.M University College, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

    April 1997 - April 2001

    My Subject was Management with honours in B. Com